General information about the bot and about me, the guy who is behind the Homie.
Hello! My name is Jan, 31 years old and caffein addicted ;-)
I am a Fullstack Engineer from Hamburg, Germany. In the past I've created two bots while COVID-19, called VoiceBot and GameRank. Both of these bots are invited on many servers in a short time. After some weeks I decided to build up a new bot which implements the already existing features from the two bots.
After a long search I've found a very good structure to get more knowledge about how I can build up this bot much bigger than my other bots created before. So my personal source of knowledge at this point is the YAGPDB repository. Most of the core structure is comparable with the YAGPDB bot, which is written in my current favorite programming language Go.
After I dived into the repository (the public open-source code from YAGPDB-Bot), I've decided to take their knowledge and combine it with my personal requirements. For everyone who wants to read some beautiful code, I really recommend this repository! After reading the repository, I've started drawing my first diagrams on how it should work for me, what kind of dependencies I want to use and of course, go through each module, feature and making a plan on how to combine and also slice everything into lovely pieces.
Then it was time for the hosting environment with the existing ideas about the software architecture. Hell yeah! Followed by a week of disappointment, joy, anticipation, vomit, a lot of caffeine and a giant playlist with Hans Zimmer-Songs I made it! It felt like I am Batman. Maybe I am.. you don't know. But never mind.
I ran the bot in my environment and with a - I think it was - creepy laugh I ran the startup commands, every service of the application started up successfully and is still running well now.